Ivanhoe Avenue rides for the kids in the Lambert

Thanks to Robert Gowdy for sharing this precious photo of a ride he took when we were kids living on the same street back in Dayton, Ohio. In the photo are my dad, my two brothers, one Gowdy and perhaps a young Moon. The year is around 1958 and Dad’s car lived in a garage next to the Gowdy house on Ivanhoe Avenue, a one block street nicknamed Incubator Avenue because almost very house had multiple kids. The Park was at the end of the block; it was a great place to spend young years. Dad would offer rides and the neighborhood kids were happy to hop aboard. Here are the enthusiasts of log ago and Dad’s car 50 years later waiting for the parade to begin at the Lambert Days Celebration in Ohio City, Ohio.

DSC_0182 (1)DSC_0167

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