Something New Under the Sun

somethingnewcoverSomething New Under the Sun
Carol Jean Lambert

This narrative non-fiction tells the story of America’s first gasoline automobile, designed, built and driven by John William Lambert in Ohio City, Ohio in January, 1891.

There were other dreamers building horseless carriage models at the time, but the electrics were not strong enough and the steamers were too dangerous.  John worked on his ideas in secret, building his chassis to carry the weight of an engine. Although John’s original car did not sell, the little engine he devised sold like hotcakes.  He called it the Buckeye.   
Eventually John did manufacture automobiles of his design, producing large luxury machines from 1902-1917 in Anderson, Indiana.  Hans Wagner drove one, as people did across the country.  Before Henry Ford revolutionized car manufacture, competition allowed for over 22 outfits just in Anderson to build cars.  John was a leader in this era selling thousands of cars before the First World War.
This book contains ten photographs, top samples of the displayed images on this website.  

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