Who Invented America’s Gasoline Automobile?

Who Invented America’s Gasoline Automobile?
Carol Jean Lambert

coverfront-1-lorezThis historical novel starts as John’s parents left their Pennsylvania mountainside community before the Civil War and walked to central Ohio to farm.  One of ten children and eventually the son of a successful post-war manufacturer, John was well situated to tinker and invent. At a time when horses ruled the road and roads were dirt, rutted and spotted with tree stumps, John dreamed of using a gasoline engine to propel a carriage without the aid of a horse.  Inventors tinkered in work sheds across the midwest as the public clamored for new gadgets for fun and convenience.

Based on a hand-written family tree and other family materials, combined with research about the man and the era, this story tells of America’s Industrial Revolution through the life of one its most prodigious inventors.

Paperback $19.95