Antique Automobile, Vol.24 No.5, Oct./Nov., 1960

Antique Auto coverThis issue of Antique Automobile includes the article by L. Scott Bailey, which elucidates the claim that Ohioan John Lambert deserves the credit for building America’s first automobile, “1891 Lambert, A New Claim for America’s First Gasoline Automobile”. He settles the dispute played out until this time in history.

This is the article that settles priority debates that were prior. As auto historians know, those arguing parties were the Duryea brothers of Massachusetts and Elwood Haynes and his mechanics the Apperson Brothers of Indiana.

On Ray’s list of questions, when asked about Charles Duryea’s visit to Ohio City John wrote that he, Mr. Duryea “saw that I had made it”. Mr. Duryea made no further objections to my grandfather’s assertions about his father, John William Lambert, making the first gasoline powered car in America.


Scott Bailey article


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